Monday, August 29, 2011

The Myth About Mondays; Gimlet

The Myth about Monday is the Monday Blues. The Truth is that Monday is very, very blue. Deeper than ocean blue. So, to get over the troubles of Monday, I need a drink. But I have four more days of going early to work to do. So, I am going for Just-a-Gimlet.

Gimlet is two parts gin and one part lime cordial. You will have to buy a bottle of lime cordial to get it right. First, it is important to know what is lime cordial?

Lime Cordial is often confused for a simple lime juice and sugar mixture. Bartenders and a real drinking enthusiast will tell you there is a big difference in the flavour of the two. The quality of lime cordial decides how good your gimlet will turn out.

Lime Cordial was invented by Lauchlin Rose as a method to preserve lime juice. In the mid-1800s the British Governement would give all sailors a daily ration of of lime juice and rum to keep them from contracting scurvy. Lauchlin Rose found the famous company that’s sell Rose’s Lime juice.

If you don’t wish to buy or manage to find real lime cordial nearby, you can replace it with sugar syrup and lime juice.


Ice cubes 4
Lime Cordial 30 ml
Gin 60ml
Slice of lime, for garnish


Put the ice into an old fashioned glass. Pour in the lime cordial and stir.
Add the gin on top, stir and garnish by place the slice of lime on the rim of the glass.

Try to Stop at One Gimlet. I know, it is really tough. But it is Monday dahlins!

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