Saturday, November 19, 2011

When You Can’t Stop Greening! Mia Cucina

Name: Mia Cucina

Location: Seven Bungalows, Andheri West
Contact: 022 – 42414000/ 01/ 02, 9833481410
Date of Visit: 19th November, 2011 [Dinner]

Graze more, Herbivores! There wasn’t a better time to go green. You’ll love the vegetarian trend if you’ve tried good Italian. Mia Cucina makes it so much easier for those Mumbaikars who want to turn vegetarian. Meat or no meat hardly matters, pick the creamy and cheesy or the fresh and aromatic basil pastas, you’ll love them all. Don’t get me wrong, Mia Cucina does serve all kinds of meat, seafood and poultry but the vegetarians won’t be complaining. The Seven bungalows branch that I visited last evening is a small place with very comfortable and casual seatting. The big round lamps outside with the wooden furniture has always made for the outside dining being the preferred option by me. Although with the glass overlooking the outside, the inside seating looks spacious.   
I have had a hard time giving up non-vegetarian food for forty days, a little abstinence for my mother. Scanning menus takes much longer and options are fewer. While eating Indian, I crave kebabs when I am eating paneer. So picking out the perfect place, where vegetarianism wouldn’t seem like such a compromise was tough. So, I picked Italian, you can’t complain about no meat when there is enough cheese on your plate. Creamy pastas and risottos are great but frankly I am a huge fan of Spaghetti Arabiatta made with fresh tomatoes and sweet basil, aromatic, tangy and perfect. 

The menu design of mia cucina is by far one of the most interesting menu concepts that I have come across, written like a little child’s notebook. There were too many options, many of which were similar. The inclusion on sun dried tomato based sauces wasn’t appealing; isn’t Italian about fresh, tangy tomatoes?   I wasn’t in the mood to order something that I can dish out in my kitchen, so, I picked the spinach and goat cheese risotto. My server recommended it and the description was very pleasing. I bet he has tried that risotto, to recommend it with such surety. 

The staff was prompt in bringing to our tables, the Spaghetti in creamy basil pesto, the tagliatelle in spinach and provolone cheese (this one with chicken) and the spinach and goat cheese risotto. As the proud selector of the best dish at the table, I would like to tell you that the strong flavour of goat cheese with spinach in moist, creamy risotto, just rolled and danced in my mouth, I loved it so much, it just slipped into my throat and I wish I hadn’t swallowed. I was satiated yet heart broken to see my empty plate. The tagliatelle was delicious too, but nonetheless, the provolone cheese had to accept his defeat before the robust flavour of goat cheese. 
The basil pesto was disappointing. I have been to mia cucina several times, yet the pesto seemed literally watered down. Not creamy enough, or thick enough, not flavourful enough, the pasta did not hold the pesto, making something so simple, very disappointing. I did not have “dolci” last evening, hang me, but I did steal a glance or two of the desserts at the other tables and Oh my God! Is all I have to say.
That Thing About This Place: Warm, welcoming and comforting this place and the food.   
Ambience: 8/10 Very Good                                                                                                                                             
Value For Money: 8/10 Very Good                                                                                          
Menu: 8/10 Very Good                                                                                                                                                            Food: 8.5/10 Very Good                                                                                                                                         
Service: 8/10 Very Good                                                                                                                                            
That Thing About this Place: 7/10 Good
Very Good Ambience + Very Good Value for Money+ Very Good Menu+ Very Good Food + Very Good Service+ Good That Thing About This place= Very Good
Rating: 8 on Ten

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