Monday, June 25, 2012

The Truth About Superfoods

One of the trendiest terms in the global food market and perhaps soon to reach the Indian market is

First thing we all should know about is that it is a marketing term not a scientific term.

Foods, high in nutrient value, vitamins n minerals such as brocolli, blueberry and oily fish like tuna n salmon are

These foods are called due to a high nutrient value, however,it has more to do with marketing than science

The term was first used in the 1990s,spinach has gained a reputation as superfood being rich in vitamins n minerals

Also associated with easy absorption n high nutritive value. Carrot, olive oil, tea, watercress are often termed as

The question, Is tea making you younger?

The answer, Yes and No, as reported by the Independent UK, tea is loaded with anti-oxidants.

Tea research also proves that tea reduces risk of cancer n heart disease but not with milk and especially not sugar

Tea quenches thirst, is loaded with anti-oxidants & is delicious.Antioxidants are great for skin n cleanse the body

Instead getting swayed by marketing terms like simply use the 5 a day logic for fruits n vegetables for well being

Top 10 include Apples, Salmon, Tea, Yogurt, WholegrainSeededBread, OliveOil, BakedBeans, Bananas, BrazilNuts, Broccoli

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