Monday, July 30, 2012

Pitter Patter of Raindrops on My Window; Soup Meals (@foodmantra)

M is a great time for .. Piping hot soup on chilly monsoon evening .. So comforting!

So let's talk about so many that we can try out this ..

I'm a rajma fan soaked n boiled KidneyBeans+boiled,de-skinned tomatoes+RedBellPepper+stock+chilli paste+BayLeaf+pepper

Minestrone with FreshGardenVeggies+tomatoes+pasta+gremalta i.e. Cheese, basil, garlic n lemonzest for flavor is yummy

Chicken + Barley + vegetables + with a dash of beer + garnish with chopped cheese cubes

Dinner time Dhansak style Spicy Dal (Lentils)+cooked with mutton+tomatoes+veggies+whole spices

OrientalStyle boilPorkBones+ginger+springonion+soy+noodle+fishSauce+chilli+carrot+peppers+BeanSprouts+shredded chicken

Seafood Bisque Rice+shrimps+clams+shells,pureed n strained+whiteFish+tomato+fishstock+saffron+cream+eggyolk

roasted Pumpkin Puree + shrimps, shelled+ gnochhi or any fresh pasta+ skinned red bell peppers for garnish

Pumpkin soup tastes great with thyme and paprika for flavouring in my

Various forms of cooking often rob veggies of their vitamins n minerals, are nourishing & filling, retaining nutrients

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