Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just Another Coffee Shop

El Café
Location: Next to Pritam, Dadar T.T. Circle
Time of Visit: 9th September, 2011 [Evening]

Café chairs and little tables, this place looks a lot like all the Café coffee day outlets. With a little food bar and teller machine on one side, it is well lit and comfy looking. Yet it is not somewhere you can lounge for hours in those comfortable couches.

Value For Money
Low on value for money, the food is expensive. It is a good meeting place, located in centrally in the heart of Mumbai. If your intention is to order one brownie between two people and hang around for a couple of hours then it makes sense to pay so much for the food they serve.

The menu includes cold coffees, frappe and smoothie to a range of savoury snacks such as croissants, sandwiches and burgers. The selection of frappe and cold coffee is not unique but interesting and offers a wide choice of options.

The ultimate chocolate sin was awesome. A dark chocolate gateau with melted chocolate dripping from all sides with ice cream on the side, it makes you want to come back to this place again and again and again. It is similar to other coffee shops, it only tastes a tad better than them.
The croissant was average in taste but pretty filling.
The brownie shake on the other hand was cliché yet different and yummy.

If you don’t know Hindi or Marathi, you may face some trouble trying to explain yourself to the staff at El café. They are not fluent in English, in fact, it was rather hard for them to understand when we asked for extra brownie in the brownie shake. When repeated in Hindi, they understood the request pretty well.

This Thing About That Place
It is a perfectly good meeting point, which is what it is meant to be.

Ambience: 7.5/ 10 Good
Value For Money: 5/10 Poor
Menu: 7/10 Good
Food: 8/10 Very Good
Service: 6/ 10 Average
This Thing About That Place: 7/10 Good

Good Ambience + Poor Value For Money + Good Menu + Very Good Food + Average Service + This Thing About That Place = Good
Rating: 7 on Ten

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