Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Right Place At The Right Place

Name: Café Tangerine in Mirador
Location: Opposite Solitaire Park
Time of Visit: 9th September, 2011 [Lunch Hour]

Cafe Tangerine is situated inside Mirador hotel. I have been to this place a couple of times, each time I found that most of their tables are occupied. With simple, modern furniture the setting of this place is a little cramped and the tables are set close together. This is in keeping with the fact that many official meetings and office get-togethers take place here.

Value for Money
Thumbs up for the value for money at the buffet spread in Café Tangerine. If you are an occasional big eater, most buffets prove to be a good and reasonable option, considering the variety and unlimited food. Café Tangerine is no exception to that rule. It has a wide range of items on the buffet spread. There is a variety of available cuisines to choose from.

In the words of my server, ‘There aren’t many options in ala carte’. They didn’t sell their ala carte menu very much and so I did not opt for it. I have gone through their ala carte menu in the past, with a limited variety and high prices on the ala carte menu make it easier to opt for the buffet. The buffet menu included Indian, oriental and continental along with many Indian and continental options for dessert. There was an even selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items on the spread. Soups, salads, starters and main course along with dessert made for a very scrumptious buffet.

The quality of food in an ala carte menu is often better than on a buffet spread. I don’t really know much about the quality of the ala carte food. The quality of food in terms of taste, palatability and presentation was average. There is a lot of food available in this buffet. The items that I particularly liked were the fried drumsticks/ ayam drumsticks. The fish-balls stuffed in jasmine rice-balls was particularly unique dish on the spread and very tasty indeed. The corn tikkis were very spicy.

Dal was particularly good. The vegetarian main course was average in flavour. The Andhra chilli mutton and the mutton kheema with pao were very well made.
The dessert spread looked attractive but tasted only average. The cointreau mousse tasted like plain whipped cream with sugar, the chocolate cake pieces seemed a day old, not light and not soft.

We were showed to table right away. The service was prompt. However, I don’t believe they care much for a guest’s privacy if they are talking on the phone. They were quick and there manner of work was in keeping with the quick turn around time for each table. They managed to serve promptly and kept the guests from waiting too long for a table, which is necessary in a place like this.

That Thing About This Place
Café Tangerine does very well. It is located close to many of the big offices and companies in that area. The buffet provides a quick and satiating meal. It is reasonable and perfectly suited for the people working in and around that area. It is a great place for an official meeting or a quick meal. So, it is the right place at the right place.It is not really the kind of place you would go to with friends on a weekend. It is a wee bit claustrophobic, but you will do just fine if, like many other diners, you don’t stick around long enough to let it get to you.

Ambience: 7/ 10 Good
Value for Money: 9/10 Excellent
Menu: 8/10 Good
Food: 7.5/10 Good
Service: 7.5/10  Good
That Thing About This Place: 8.5/10 Very Good

Good Ambience + Excellent Value for Money+ Good Menu + Good Food + Good Service + Very Good That Thing About This Place= Very good
Café tangerine, Mirador = 8 on Ten

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