Wednesday, March 28, 2012

18 Vegetarian Sandwich Fillings & 18 Non-Vegetarian Sandwich Fillings

Sandwiches are the best Lunch Box options. They can be so versatile with the various fillings and deferent types of breads. The refreshing, filling and so colorful to look at! Just raid the refrigerator.

Vegetarian Sandwich Fillings

  1. I still remember the sandwich my mother would pack in my lunch box for school, just tomatoes and cheese.It was the best .
  2. One simple that I have always loved is chopped apple n celery mixed in mayonnaise.You can add raisins or walnuts if you like.
  3. Cut up cucumber and melon in cream with iceberg lettuce.
  4. Cheese, pineapple and capsicum (bell pepper) the classic hawain .
  5. Mashed potato with cut up raw onion, coriander and green chillies with butter homely .
  6. Rocket leaves, spinach and goat cheese with tomato.
  7. Potato and capsicum masala from a stand.
  8. Sweet for dessert. Cut up strawberry and nutella filling with sponge instead of bread!
  9. Peanut butter and Jam.. 4 o'clock is time for yummy .
  10. Cut up tropical fruits and cherry mixed with vanilla flavored yogurt .
  11. Grated carrot, chopped cucumber and tomatoes with chives in mayonnaise .
  12. Roasted bell peppers and roasted eggplant with aioli dip.
  13. Paneer slices coated in basil pesto sauce with slices of cucumber and lettuce .
  14. Paneer, pineapple and capsicum sandwich with lettuce.
  15. Grated carrot, chopped celery and onion in cheese
  16. Lettuce, sliced mozzarella and tomato .
  17. Kidney beans and corn cooked in spicy tomato sauce with lettuce.
  18. Cooked mashed masala green peas, mint chutney and sliced onion.
Have a look at my simple Lunch Box Sandwich, you can use leftovers or make it with whatever is available at home.

Non-Vegetarian Sandwich Fillings
  1. Mutton Kheema and deep fried potato chips
  2. Leftover shredded fish, parsley, lime in tartar sAuce
  3. Leftover poultry roast, pickled onion and mayonnaise
  4. Leftover lamb and mint sauce .
  5. Leftover pork roast and apple jelly
  6. Chicken sausage and baked bean topped with a fried egg.
  7. Egg and Bacon is obviously a dreamy breakfast. It can make everyday, Sunday.
  8. Prawn, leek and mushrooms in cream .
  9. Shredded chicken, black grapes, mint mixed with hung curd and cheese .
  10. Smoked chicken, bacon and chopped cabbage in mayonnaise.
  11. Chicken salami, olive tapenade and onion with lettuce
  12. Chicken, cheese and jalapeno .
  13. Chicken olive loaf slices with garlic dip and iceberg lettuce.
  14. Chopped hard boiled egg, green chillies and coriander mixed in mayonnaise .
  15. Sliced hard boiled egg with grated carrot and apple in mayonnaise.
  16. Grated apple, chopped walnuts&cream cheese with strips of caramelized bacon .
  17. The Out of The Blue Bandra Sandwich,Toasted Bread, mustard butter, layer of grilled chicken, bacon, fried egg & veggie serve with coleslaw & french fries.
  18. Smoked salmon, tomato, dill and cream .
Thought for Today.Don't make a stingy sandwich; Pile the cold cuts high.Customers should see salami coming through the rye.

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