Friday, March 23, 2012

Flavors: Sweet, Bitter.

Let's talk about flavors. I have come to learn about flavors in two disciplines; Basic Scientific principles and that based of the principles of Ayurveda. There are four primary flavors Salty, Sweet, Sour and Bitter. Each Flavor has different properties and effect on the human body. Excess or deficiency of either of the flavors can disturb the body balance and cause dehydration, heaviness and procrastination.


  • #DidYouKnow it takes the largest quantity of sweet flavor to actually register on our tongue? No wonder we end up eating and craving for so much sweet.
  • Sweet taste slows down digestion and cools the system.
  • Diary Products such as milk and cream also give a to your food. This sweetness often helps cut the excess spice in curries.
  • Tender coconut and coconut milk is also used to sweeten Indian curries, especially those coming from the far west coast.
  • Apart from fruits are also present in vegetables such as carrot, beetroot and green peas.
  • We use honey, syrup, jaggery, sugarcane juice to bring into our food and desserts.I love indian sweets like rass Kheer and payasamm made with jaggery .
  • Honey and maple syrup on waffles at breakfast really kicks in a saturday! The aroma and smooth texture .
  • TenderCoconutMousse uses scrapped TenderCoconutMalai, coarse grind it with some milk, sweeten it & set with gelatin .
Try out this Puran Poli recipe. The Sweet Meal!

Follow this Link for the Recipe


  • Let us talk about that cleanse our palate. flavor present is in bitter gourd and fenugreek.
  • it takes the least quantity of a substance to register on our tongue?
  • Most herbs,spices and flavorings have a hint and it is often the aroma that we mistake for taste.
  • Mint and chamomile for example are herbs with and sweet fragrances.
  • Other herbs with strong aroma n cleansing effect include coriander, wild lettuce, sorrel & chicory.
  • Chefs are often of the opinion that it is that cleanse the palate and make you want to eat the next bite and the next again.
  • Karela, methi, arugula lettuce, radish, certain cucumbers have .
  • Coffee & chocolate or cocoa, two of the world's biggest favorites have .
  • Indian hot favorite green chillies, apart from the piquancy and aroma is actually . .
  • Ayurveda says that present in bitter gourd & fenugreek leaves are the lightest taste and have a cooling effect on the body.
  • Dark leafy vegetables have .
  • Too much of such as coffee may cause dehydration.
  • present in cocoa & coffee beans are anti toxic and germicidal.
  • have a cooling effect on the body and they help in reducing anger by balancing the elements in the body.
  • can be balanced out if added in small quantities along with sweet, salty or piquant ingredients that overpower the taste.
  • For example, of kasoori methi are added in a sweet tasting paneer makhanwala curry to balance out both tastes in the dish.

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