Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stinky Glasses; To Eat Or Not To Eat At Theobroma Bandra

Name: Theobroma

Location: Bandra West

Date of Visit: 19th March, 2012 (Lunch Hour)

 Do you know that disgusting smell you get when a glass has not been washed properly? That raw eggy smell? You know what I am talking about but let’s just forget about that for a minute. We Indians have a strong digestive system and honestly neither do we mind drinking cutting chai in a glass at the chaiwala that has been ‘cleaned’ by being dipped in a bucket of water nor do we mind eating a sandwich wrapped in newspaper at the Sandwichwala stand. Even so, I will complain to that chaiwala if my glass was stinking of raw egg and Theobroma is no exception to that rule.  If Theobroma is going to charge me over a hundred bucks for a beverage as on date, they cannot get away with serving anything in a glass that stinks of raw egg.

What To Eat

1)    Brownies, Macaroons and desserts at Theobroma have always been exceptional and earned them loyal foodies all around Mumbai . This time was no exception; my simple walnut brownie was moist, gooey, stick and just mmmmmmmm. I saved my brownie until after dinner, cause after a long day at work, this brownie can really make your day! The best part was that even after being in my bag for 5 hours and without being warmed up, that brownie tasted just the same, moist, gooey and amazing!

2)Smoked Chicken Sandwich, a very popular, theobroma signature sandwich that we love. Even this time around, it was just perfect. Crispy, grilled brown crust on the outside and the smoked chicken in a rich, saucy filling. The Pesto Rosso sandwich, recommended by the server, with the spinach and rocket leaves filling is a great choice for vegetarians.

3)   Value for Money in Sweets and Desserts. Brownies for less than a hundred bucks as on date and desserts in Theobroma are reasonably priced.

4)    The Quantity and Size of the sandwich along with French fries makes a satiating and filling meal during lunch and dinner hour or whenever you are hungry.

Not To Eat

1)    Dirty Stinky Glassware. The glass that I was served water in was stinking like a raw egg. It obviously wasn’t cleaned properly.

2)    Hygiene and Overall Cleanliness. If the glass was dirty and they did not check before serving in it. I can’t help but question the hygiene standards of Theobroma. I wonder what else they don’t clean before cooking or serving. I would love to see what their kitchen looks like.

3)    Bad Service and Slow Service. The man serving us seemed absent minded and disinterested. It was very hard to get his attention. Although it is only a bakery and they are clearly understaffed the one man working there didn’t seem to care that many people were waiting to place an order to clear their bill.

4)    Value For Money I agree that the sandwiches are large and taste good.  Yet the McDonalds close by serves good, hygienic burgers too but they don’t charge 200 bucks for it (As On Date)! Even so, not being a corporate giant, even in a city like Mumbai, these prices for savoury, tit bits and snacks are not reasonable. They cannot even justify that price with great ambience or good service. Although, Theobroma is more of a dessert place, if you serve it, you are going to hear about it.
·      I would like to point out that even so, the brownies and desserts are far more reasonably priced.
So here is a good solution to the problem, since the savory prices are discouraging, grab a bite at the KFC or McDs close by and visit Theobroma for their dessert.

Unfortunately for Theobroma That Thing About This Place is their poor hygiene and cleanliness.
Attention SweetTooths, Foodies and TheoBroma Loyals; Theobroma is opening outlets on Pedder Road and Lokhandwala soon.
Hope that they will use disposable glasses there, you know in case they don’t care to wash them properly.

Ambience: 6/ 10 Average
Value For Money: 6/ 10 Average
Menu: 7/ 10 Good
Food: 8/ 10 Very Good
Service: 5/ 10 Below Average
That Thing About This Place: 2/ 10  Very Poor

Average Ambience + Average Value For Money + Good Menu + Very Good Food + Below Average Service + Very Poor That thing About This Place =  Average

Rating: 6/ 10

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