Thursday, March 15, 2012

The X Factor ; To Eat Or Not To Eat At Copper Chimney

Name: Copper Chimney
Location: Oberoi Mall, Goregaon
Date of Visit: 14th March, 2012 (Dinner)

 I remember my first ever visit to Mumbai city as a chubby six year old. Even as a child I was crazy about spicy restaurant food and loud masalas of Indian gravies. I would often end up stuffing myself with more food than I could digest. Nothing much has changed, I am still chubby and still don’t stop eating till my stomach begins to hurt. One thing that has changed is probably the branch of Copper Chimney I had visited. This time around it was the Oberoi Mall outlet. It is easy to see why Copper Chimney has made its place in the hearts of Mumbaikars; 3 key factors: Innovation, Service with a smile and ensuring Guest Satisfaction. Copper Chimney has grown and spread its branches around the city. My experience here wasn’t the best you would have but there was an X factor!

Reasons To Eat

1.     Crispy Rumali Roti. I saw the fascinating munchies from the next table and I loved the sheer uniqueness of this item. There was a large crispy Rumali Roti, shaped like a wok and sprinkled with a special masala in the center.  It was placed at the center of the table and the diners seated all broke a piece as they enjoyed their conversation. Like a large and fancy version of a masala papad, very innovative!

2.    We were served with a smile! Rarely do I come across stewards who seem happy to be serving their guests . Not only did this waiter seem very joyful and perky he even recommended and served us some tasty pickle as an accompaniment with our meal.

3.     The chilli pickle was made in-house. I haven’t come across an Indian restaurant that takes the trouble of making and serving its own chilli pickle. No one likes to bother about items that are not listed on the menu or  are chargeable. An appealing signature touch , it makes you remember this place. Also, because the pickle was not very hot, but slightly sweet and sour with a flavor that was unique and refreshing. You should definitely try it next time you are here!

4.     Although, the items we chose are regularly featured on an Indian menu. I did not fail to notice that Copper Chimney is innovative in little munchies and an accompanying pickle, it shows that this place has its focus on the Guest Satisfaction during a dining experience rather than just making money out of it. It also says a lot about why so many Mumbaikars have been loyal to Copper Chimney for nearly two decades, if I remember my first visit correctly, I was just six years old at the time.

Reasons Not To Eat

1.     Paneer Tikka. The paneer was not soft, but dry and rubbery. The paneer tikka tasted ordinary. The flavours and the marinade had not soaked into to the piece, so when in the center it was bland and tasteless.

2.     I thought that the service was good, but I like to keep my eyes and ears open. At the next table, one gentleman asked three waiters a bunch of times to bring him a plate of steamed rice as they were eating. However, the rice was not brought to him for nearly half an hour. It is very unpleasant to wait for food when your meal is unfinished.

Ambience : 7/ 10 Good
Value For Money : 7/ 10 Good
Menu: 7/10 Good
Food: 7/10 Good
Service: 7/10 Good
That Thing About This Place: 8/ 10 Very Good

Good Ambience + Good Value For Money + Good Menu + Good Food + Good Service + Very Good That Thing About This Place = Good

Rating: 7/ 10

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